Ocean Service Platform

Ocean Services Platform

The Ocean Services Platform (OSP) is the brain at the centre of the network. OSP provides Network Intelligence and is a programmable multi-service platform which gives operators the ability to rapidly implement and deploy new services across next generation and legacy networks.

  • Multi-Service Platform A multi-service platform, supporting multiple concurrent services reducing complexity and costs.
  • Service creationOperator programmable combining the simplicity of Telsisgraphical service creation environment and the power of Telsis safe Java environment.
  • Middleware platform Ability to solve platform interworking issues, such as mediation between different protocols or different signalling implementations.
  • Flexibility A true multimedia platform – it is not limited to voice services.
  • Standard Server Platforms Runs on standard server platforms which allow commoditisation and reduced costs.
  • Integrated media server Optional integrated media server for service interactions, such as keypress menus, text to speech, FAX, etc.