Agent Analytics

Deliver positive customer experiences.


Understand the quality of service that your agents provide with robust monitoring software. so you can deliver an outstanding customer experience —

Success stories across channels

Successful contact centres provide the best possible user experience with the fewest agents. By monitoring and scoring agents, contact centres are able to identify the competences of each agent across channels and understand where training interventions are required. We mould high performance agents capable of delivering success.
How we help

Step 1

Our smart software score calls and monitors a range of customer interactions.

Step 2

Put your customer service to the test by measuring your agents with quality benchmarks.

Step 3

Pinpoint performance gaps and identity areas for improvement with training.

What makes us different
Nurture and support a new generation of agents; capable of delivering a superior and compliant customer experience.
Create and customise as many scorecards as you need with a flexible and intuitive scorecard builder.
Understand how team leaders and coaches are evaluating, so you can ensure consistency.
Engaged team leaders and agents who have the tools to take control of their own performance.
Optimise employee performance in line with overall business goals.

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