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Research by McKinsey and Co estimates that content services will see 10 to 20 times more growth within the telecom services than traditional services.

Reach the right people with the right content

The opportunities for growth in content are clear. But reaching the right people with the right content is complex. We have experience with over 50 household content owners that allows us to provide device-agnostic data streams for rapid and simplified integration.
How we help

Step 1

Our content discovery platform launches faster on new devices and adds custom features quickly.

Step 2

Automation makes it easier to manage and simpler to integrate with internal systems and external partners.

Step 3

We provide a richer experience with high quality images, trailers and celebrity profiles. A smart browser with search and user recommendations.

What makes us different
Rich, aggregated data feed that reduces development and time to market for broadcast services
Our unique algorithms improve quality by adopting the best data sources and correcting inconsistencies.
Telsis produces TV guides that enhance the consumer experience.
We streamline the process to add new content so you can attract and retain customers.

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