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Manage your inbound service levels to minimise call wait time, maximise first time call resolution and exceed customer satisfaction. We call this our -

A peerless experience for the digital journey

Voice remains a key focus for many contact centres and the provision of an effective inbound voice service is vital to deliver a superlative experience and optimise agent utilisation. Witness how our Cloud Connect inbound Next Generation ACD can take your customer service to the next level.
How we help

Step 1

Our powerful graphical call flow editor allows for the rapid development of custom call flows.

Step 2

Customised, real-time and historical reporting tools provide an intuitive understanding of contact centre service flow.

Step 3

Our scripts guide agents along every step of the caller pathway.

What makes us different
Our industry-leading call flow editor is simple to use and will revolutionise how your business works.
Powerful Service Routing options guarantee positive customers experiences and outcomes
Our system is easy to setup which means you see immediate results.
Live call flow editor allows for dynamic responses to change call patterns when you need it most.
In-built CRM and integration with all major CRM platforms delivers ultimate flexibility.

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