Outbound Dialler

Maximise customer conversations


The Telsis Cloud Connect Dialler allows your agents to maximise efficiency by reaching customers when it matters most.

Increased productivity. Proved.

Our Dialler is both a powerful outbound dialler for markets such as Debt Recovery and can be used in conjunction with our inbuilt CRM solution to provide outbound dialling capabilities for telesales or finance operations. Our solutions are customisable so you can tailor them to meet your business needs and watch productivity soar.
How we help

Step 1

Our outbound dialler uses the same interface as inbound call handling for seamless adaption.

Step 2

Reach fluid flow by simply redirecting agents to outbound queues.

Step 3

Cloud Connect makes automatic outbound calls and feeds the calls to agents.

What makes us different
Witness a surge in agent productivity with our smart software.
Increased customer penetration rates to right party contacts.
Maximise talk time with clear agent performance management.
Simple and easy to use Graphical User Interface to set up outbound campaigns.
Flexible platform tailored to your needs.

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