Real-time and historical reporting

Knowledge that works for you


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Find, evaluate and report on every aspect of your Contact Centre’s activities to —

Knowledge is power

Knowledge really is power. Cloud Connect RealTime & Historical Reporting gives your contact centre the big picture. Monitor and produce reports to determine your efficiency and how and where the customer’s journey can be improved.
How we help

Step 1

We help you define and schedule reports that work for you.

Step 2

Perform real-time performance queries for continuous improvement.

Step 3

Our wallboards will allow you to visualise current performance and pinpoint exactly where to improve.

What makes us different
Our easy-to-use interface gives you the information you need at the touch of a button.
Schedule reporting delivered to an agreed management distribution team.
Simple to use web interface that allows you to channel resources where you need them most.
Powerful visualises that will help you pinpoint exactly where and what needs improved.
Improve resource usage by eliminating time spent on maintaining complex spreadsheet templates.

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