Registered Device Protection

Protects residential VoIPs from fraud. Delivers peace of mind.


The increased cost to run distinct networks for voice and data forces operators to combine the two networks and embed VoIP identity into routers. Registered Device Protection (RDP) allows operators to apply locks for home use and safeguard customer’s identities to -

Safeguard customers. Safeguard your business.

Network operators have a duty to protect their customers’ identifies, whether their account details are stolen and being used fraudulently or if their devices are sold to other consumers. Protecting your customers from the outset instills brand trust and avoids costly fraud losses.
How we help

Step 1

RDP detects and captures device registration on SIP networks

Step 2

RDP integrates seamlessly with back office data systems and can match IP addresses to the user’s home

Step 3

RDP auto-authorises or blocks registration requests

What makes us different
The prevention of frauds avoids revenue leak and other costs associated with fraud enquiries
We use MS standards-based integration techniques
We give network operators the freedom to personalise practices that makes most sense for their business
Operators cut costs by running on a unified network
We allow operators to run additional services on the same platform to optimise their RoI

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