Security and Compliance

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Put customer data protection at the very heart of what you do and rest assured that your contact centre complies fully.

Safeguard your success

Security and compliance is a complex task. Rules are constantly changing and keeping up can be a struggle. Stay ahead with our complete solution that meets all external regulations, protects customer data, and safeguards your success. Most of all our robust coverage provides peace of mind.
How we help

Step 1

Our security solution integrates with PCI DSS compliant partners.

Step 2

We provide a barrier between agents and sensitive information.

Step 3

Ensure that you stay up to date with all the latest regulations.

What makes us different
We protect data with multi-layer passwords from the ground up.
Data is held in high security locations to ensure our clients comply with existing and future legislation, reducing the risk of litigation and securing customer care.
Our Call Flow Editor integrated IVR allows the collection of customer data with data suppression options so you can protect sensitive data.
The suite of products within our overall solution provides access to specific customer data while remaining in line with current GDPR requirements.
Ensure your contact centre adheres to a range of legislation including credit card data (PCI-DSS), protection of customer data, Control over nuisance calls (OFCOM) and Health and Safety Legislation (HSE).

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