Speech Analytics

Listen, understand and act on insights.


Better business decision-making relies on strong data and valuable insights. Our unique recording technology allows you to listen closely to —

Stop, look and listen

Call recordings are crucial for gathering insight into the daily success of your contact centre. We use AI for cost-effective intelligence that will allow you to understand what your customers want and how to deliver it. The hosted solution means that even the smallest businesses can benefit from our insights.
How we help

Step 1

Customer interactions are recorded in stereo and sent for transcription where speech and sentiment is analysed.

Step 2

The transcripts are rated for success based on custom metrics.

Step 3

The results of the analysis are processed and presented in easy-to-understand reports and graphs.

What makes us different
We automatically protect and redact any sensitive data before processing.
Our automated system verifies customer commitment and reduces churn
We give you the bigger picture by analysing every customer interaction with agents and their teams.
We provide constructive feedback that is designed to allow your team to implement improvements quickly and at scale.
Our actionable intelligence allows you to see what customers think about your brand and services.

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