Voice SafeGuard

Fraud prevention at scale. It’s that simple.


Fraud costs the telecom industry 1.7% of its entire global revenue. International Revenue Share is the most common type of fraud with -

Prevent fraud. Protect your business.

Customers are increasingly concerned with the dangers of fraud and value brands that have robust safeguards in place. Telsis Voice SafeGuard (VSG) provides real-time protection for your network. The innovative solution will be valued your customers and grow your business.
How we help

Step 1

Monitor all international calls in real-time

Step 2

Detect fraudulent patterns and raise alerts

Step 3

Block all ongoing fraudulent calls originating from PBX or SIP services

What makes us different
Our system runs in real time which means we can prevent fraud before it’s too late
We protect against International Revenue Share Fraud, Domestic Revenue Share Fraud, Premium Rate Fraud and Wholesale/Interconnect Fraud
Customise your experience with fraud thresholds set by either destination, country or carrier
Witness the payback in a matter of weeks, not months
VSG can be deployed simply and in less than 2 weeks

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