Workforce Management

The right people for the right job at the right time. Everytime.


Telsis Workforce Management (WFM) is a sophisticated solution that allows you to nurture and maintain a highly —

Connect credentials with customers

Manual staff scheduling is expensive, unproductive and open to human error. Automation connects skill sets with customer demand, improves service and boosts revenue. Put the right resource in the right place at the right time with Cloud Connect WFM to ensure a reputable and peerless customer experience.
How we help

Step 1

We use data from real calls to monitor your contact centre’s workload so we can work together to optimise workflow.

Step 2

Our self-learning algorithms predict future trends so you can adapt to workloads in advance.

Step 3

Schedule your resources and shift patterns to meet service level agreements based on predicted workload.

What makes us different
First-time WFM users have experienced success stories of 15% – 25% in staff related savings.
Witness a momentus reduction in mandatory overtime and expenses.
Reduction in processing time and improved customer journey.
Quantifiable performance measures that improve accountability for workers and managers.
Relief for supervisors and allow them to dedicate more time to help improve employee performance.

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