Make network transformation easy, seamless and flexible. The way it should be. Manage and optimise your network capacity and track devices with our arsenal of scaleable, customised and comprehensive tools. Innovate and prevent fraud in real-time so that you can deliver an experience that goes beyond expectations.

Voice SafeGuard

Telephony fraud is evolving rapidly. Use our industy leading solution to stay ahead and protect your busienss from fraud.

Registered Device Protection

Comprehensive protection for device across operating systems.

Ocean Services Platform (OSP)

Launch new services 80% faster and optimise network capacity with our Next Generation IN.


Our innovative platform adapts to your needs. It has been designed to allow both small and large enterprises build relevant and lasting relationships. Our AI-enabled omni-channel contact centre solution can be rolled out as a service or operator-hosted product. The choice is always yours.

Product Overview

The Telsis Cloud Contact Centre allows you to manage your customers the way you want to. Our integrated tools and support puts every team on the same page so they can deliver exceptional customer experience at every stage.

Inbound Voice

Integrates beautifully. It’s designed that way.


Stop talking about providing a seamless customer journey and start providing one with our cloud based software.

Agent Analytics

Drive meaningful consumer outcomes through interaction analytics and biometrics.

Security and Compliance

We safeguard your brand’s reputation by protecting your network and users. Trust us, thousands of companies around the world do.

Workforce Management

Optimise your team and transform them into brand ambassardors with our workforce management tools.

Speech Analytics

Listen, understand and act on insights.

Monitoring and Reporting

Make better business decision with insightful data.

Outbound Dialler

Maximise customer conversations.

Integration and APIs

Use flexible web API’s to improve the efficiency of contact centre agents.

Broadcast and Content

Content is king, but context is queen. Smart broadcasters understand the importance of putting consumers at the heart of their content strategy. Our platform pulls in content from an array of sources and puts data to work. Fully equipped with multilingual and multicultural media diagnostics so you can meet demand. Every time.

Content Discovery

Cloud-enabled, metadata normalisation: putting data to work for platforms and content owners.

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