The services suite allows you to deploy and manage our solutions from one platform. Let's keep things simple.



Our training puts you in control from day one. We want to make it simple to migrate subscribers, launch new services, protect your business from fraud and enrich your customer’s digital journey. Our training courses are custom designed to meet your needs. They cater for the beginner and the pro, alike. The training has been built on engineering best practices and puts you at the heart by answering the “how” and “why”. Our hands-on approach uses real-life case studies so that your team can see for themselves how our solutions work for your business. Our workshops are delivered by qualified and seasoned trainers that have years of experience working with telcos. Our engineers also provide ongoing support on-site. For our customers, it all adds up to greater efficiency and greater RoI.

Systems Development

Reduce risk and cost with our trusted, world class migration and deployment service, and accelerate innovation with bespoke applications. Our systems development covers migrations and deployment with a strong focus on custom solutions. Telsis has helped hundreds of companies to adapt and grow their businesses using our solutions. We believe in being there for you from the get-go. That’s why we provide a smooth transition to our solutions. Be carefully guided by industry experts that understand your business needs. We also believe in adapting to you. Telsis’ custom development services allow customers to extend and modify our solutions to provide additional features to simplify processes and accelerate their RoI. All our innovative technology is custom built for your needs. Domain experts and architects work in tandem alongside you so that they can provide the solutions that make most sense. The result is low cost, high impact, reliable outcomes.

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