German network operator selected the Ocean Services Platform (OSP) from Telsis to enable it to offer a new fraud reduction service for its customers. is working with Telsis due to an increase in the number of handsets being illegally cloned in Germany.

After new regulation made it simple to purchase Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), businesses have been free to buy and sell their old equipment. However, in cases where SIP credentials are set on the router, a router’s new owner effectively has the ability to take over the previous user’s account. Using a standard-based approach OSP platform from Telsis allows operators to check the location of each device as part of the SIP registration process and automatically prevent registrations if the location is incorrect. conducted a thorough evaluation of competitive offerings before choosing the Telsis solution. It will be delivered via 3M, Telsis’ local partner in the region.

Project Manager at Wilhelm. tel, Mr Eric Höger said:

“We reviewed a number of options, but the OSP platform from Telsis was the one that stood out. We wanted a solution that enabled us to respond to changing business conditions rapidly. The platform can match our business ambitions – to scale existing product offerings and provide differentiated new services for customers.”

About was founded 15 years ago by parent company Stadtwerke Norderstedt to offer high-speed telecommunications services.

In the highly-competitive telecoms market in Germany, has always focused on delivering innovation to its customers. It was the first operator in Germany to offer ˜triple play” services and has rapidly expanded its footprint since then. It has achieved 95% penetration in urban areas of the Norderstedt region, as well as expanding into other regions, notably the Hansestadt Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein areas.


Penetration in urban areas of the Nordersted region.

About 3M Services

3M Services GmbH, part of the 3M Group which is represented in more than 70 countries, comes with over 25 years’ experience of delivery and installation of complete telecommunication networks for public and private network operators.

Besides engineering, delivery, setting up and servicing of Next Generation Access, Transport and IMS/Softswitch Networks, 3M Services offers a broad spectrum of services and managed services up to operational management.


Countries to represent.

25+ years

Experience of delivery and installation.

About OSP

OSP is a flexible service level platform which allows telecom and mobile operators to rapidly create new end-user services for consumers or enterprises. OSP can implement core network services and operators can take existing network capabilities or programme new ones and package them for their subscribers. Supporting both physical and virtualised environments, OSP works next-generation and legacy networks. The platform includes a web interface for management of the developed services including usage analytics.


In an extremely competitive market like Germany, the ability to go beyond the typical range of commoditised services is critical. The OSP platform from Telsis gives operators complete flexibility in packaging new services for their subscribers. With it, they can boost their bottom line and improve subscriber satisfaction, by addressing needs that aren’t being met elsewhere.

Naif Kiy
MD, 3M Services