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We design personalised solutions that optimise customer journeys. We deliver measurable results with disruptive technology that puts human interaction first.


What we do

Telsis creates innovative software that enables network operators, enterprises and broadcasters to stay ahead of competitors and enrich customers’ lives.

For operators

Service Assurance

Network transformation tools that prevent fraud, deploy VAS, optimise network capacity and track device inventory seamlessly.

For Enterprise

Contact Centre Platform

Scalable and efficient, the innovative platform is tailored to meet the demands of both small and large enterprises.

Our Impact

Lucrative returns
Remain in control of costs at every milestone and witness the impact on revenue.
Our VAS (value added service) is underpinned by innovative technology that guarantees scalability and operational efficiency.
Customer success
We understand how to interpret the specific needs of our customers and deliver success every time. Without fail.
Our Clients

Joachim Scharf

Project Manager, Vse Net

We knew it would be a challenge, but Telsis met our deadline and we in turn met all of our targets. The application server delivers all that we wanted from the first stage of this programme and we are now turning our attention to the next phase.

CTO, Neo Sky, Spain

Javier Fernandez-Amigo

As it stands, the Telsis platform gives us far greater flexibility than the alternatives we were offered, and it also enables us to migrate to an IMS future in controlled stages with minimal risk. With the Telsis roadmap, we know how we will transition to IMS in logical, affordable steps that minimise risk both for us and for our customers.

Discover today how Telsis can transform your business

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Discover today how Telsis can transform your business

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