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The Telsis Ocean Services Platform is a programmable, multi-service platform that gives network operators the power to rapidly create and deploy new services across next-generation and legacy networks. It enables them to target key business areas, including user retention, increased revenues, or cost reduction.

Based around proven technology that is already used in a number of networks and working alongside softswitches and SIP proxies from a variety of vendors, the Ocean Services Platform provides a platform for rapid, telephony-service development and deployment.

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Product options

Ocean Services Platform product options

Enhanced Ocean Media Server Option

This allows operators to develop a range of interactive services that communicate directly with callers. For example – outgoing announcements, DTMF key press detection, recording and playback and conferencing.

Further, integration with third-party back-end solutions can provide for text-to-speech, speech-to-text and voice-to email services. A wide range of media codecs is supported to suit the network implementation of individual operators.

Ocean Service Manager (OSM) Option

Network customers now expect to routinely access and manage all their value-added services via the Web. Telsis OSM delivers this access, allowing customers to configure their services, to view usage and analytics – for example the impact of sales and marketing campaigns – and to control the distribution of management tools to end users.

In turn network operators gain through a reduction in customer requests, a unique and branded Web front end, and seeing by whom and how frequently Web accesses occur.


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