Built exclusively for network operators and service providers

Unlike generic, legacy contact centre solutions, the Telsis platform is designed from the ground up as an operator-only solution. You’ll find no unnecessary features, just an uncompromising set of the functions and CRM tools that operators need. The result is a refreshingly lower cost of ownership. And our cloud-based architecture means an end to expensive on-premise hardware and maintenance.

Due to the low cost of ownership and flexibility, Telsis Cloud Contact software can be deployed to all sizes of contact centre ranging from the small, informal requirements of an SME business to the large, complex needs of today’s modern enterprise.

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What makes Telsis Cloud Contact great?

Clear, concise and consistent user experience to really drive exceptional customer experience

Simple to use interfaces

Agent Interface

Agents can view all the queues that they have been given access to view. Agents can take calls via a Telsis handset or via a softphone using the Telsis Cloud Contact portal.

Supervisor Interface

The supervisor user has full agent functionality but can manage all agent users. Within the Telsis Cloud Contact portal, the supervisor’s main screen shows live data for both the queues and the agents that they manage.

Admin Interface

Telsis Cloud Contact is managed using its own web interface, which provides information and management control to authenticated operations users.

The administrator portal part of the interface allows users who are logged in at the administrator level to customise their contact centre features and functionality.


When an agent has classified an interaction, the classifications are logged and analysed by the Contact Centre for display via the wallboard and for inclusion in regular reports.

Flexible licenses

With Telsis Cloud Contact, there are three types of user licences:

Administrator – Administrator licences can be applied to any Telsis user. They can manage back end functionality, such as queues and interaction flow design, but cannot receive calls or manage agents.

Agent – Agents can view all the queues that they have been given access to view. They can also set their status and indicate if they are available to handle new inbound requests.

Supervisor – The supervisor user has full agent functionality but can also manage all agent users.

Make / receive voice calls
Send / receive emails
Record own calls
View own statistics
View queue information
Change own availability
WebRTC or handset
See Horizon user presence
Use native CRM / knowledgebase
Offer call back
Listen in to agent
Coach agent
Take over agent call
See agents’ stats
Record agent calls
Review agent call recordings
View historical reports

Simplified customer engagement

Telsis Cloud Contact provides a consistent quality omnichannel solution.

The interface gives agents a master view of customer communication across all channels, so they can ensure a seamless experience.

Telsis Cloud Contact supports inbound and outbound voice channels, web chat and email, enabling a highly personalised customer experience.


Telsis Cloud Contact supports a multi-tenancy software architecture.

Serving multiple users on a single server, Telsis Cloud Contact integrates and shares data, configuration, user management, tenant individual functionality and non-functional properties.


  • How quickly can a Telsis Cloud Contact be set up?

    Depending on your deployment options, Telsis Cloud Contact can be set up and working in your network in as little as 2 weeks.

  • Does Telsis Cloud Contact support remote working?

    Telsis Cloud Contact supports remote working. This can be done either by delivering calls to agents within the web browser or delivering calls to a PSTN routable number. Non-voice channels are handled entirely within the web browser.

  • Does Telsis Cloud Contact integrate with 3rd party PBX systems?

    Telsis Cloud Contact currently integrates with Cisco Broadworks UCaaS for presence and contact lookups. It is also able to integrate with TAPI compliance PBX systems for on-hook/off-hook status updates. Integration with other PBX systems in on our roadmap, subject to demand.

  • Is Telsis Cloud Contact secure and resilient?

    Telsis Cloud Contact can be deployed as a secure and resilient platform if it is deployed in accordance with our recommend deployment options.

  • Can I implement the Telsis Cloud Contact in my own data centre/private cloud?

    Unlike competing solutions, Telsis Cloud Contact has options to be deployed within your network environment – such as a private data centre or cloud. Telsis Cloud Contact may be deployed on both physical or virtual server environments and can integrate with your BSS and OSS systems.

  • Does Telsis Cloud Contact support geo-redundant setup?

    Yes, Telsis Cloud Contact can operate in geo-redundant network configurations. We currently have deployments spread across up to 4 geographically redundant points of presence separated by several hundred miles.

  • What is the maximum capacity supported by the Telsis Cloud Contact solution?

    The Telsis Cloud Contact platform is scalable up to tens of thousands of agents and tens of thousands of queued calls. Of course, we also support minimal deployments for low-cost initial deployments and can then scale these up with additional servers as you start receiving revenue from the service.

  • Can each of my tenants have an individual configuration?

    Its entirely up to you. Each tenant may have their own configuration, custom roles, branding, licenced features, etc, or you may choose to offer standard configurations to all of your tenants. Since the platform is installed in your environment you can decide how its used.

  • Does Telsis Cloud Contact fulfil all GDPR requirements?

    Telsis Cloud Contact can fulfil the requirements of GDPR providing it is deployed in a recommended configuration. Of cause, Telsis Cloud Contact can only help you and your customers be GDPR compliant it does not prevent you or your customers doing things that are not GDPR compliant.

  • Does Telsis Cloud Contact support channel blending?

    Yes, Telsis Cloud Contact allows channels to be blended calls and non-voice channels can be blended such that the highest priority interaction is passed agents as they become available.

  • What channels does it support?

    Telsis Cloud Contact currently supports voice, email, webchat and SMS (subject to interconnect partner). We are currently working on adding WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger (available 2022) and considering other channels, subject to demand.

  • What are my branding options?

    The Telsis Cloud Contact supports colour scheme and logo branding.  In addition to your branding, you may also allow your resellers and their end users to rebrand their user interface.

  • Can it integrate into my BSS & OSS?

    Yes, Telsis Cloud Contact provides standard interfaces for integration with your backend systems.  It provides standard interfaces for network management, billing feeds, provisioning, monitoring, etc. Telsis Cloud Contact also provides API access to many of its functions allowing easy integration with your business processes.

  • Does Telsis Cloud Contact support call recording?

    Telsis Cloud Contact supports the recording of calls, however it does not provide storage for these recordings – instead it can sent call recordings and associated meta data to a call recording storage platform.

  • What CRM systems does Telsis Cloud Contact work with?

    Telsis Cloud Contact has native integrations with a number of leading CRM systems, however it also provides programmable REST APIs which may be used to integrate with other common and bespoke CRM systems.

  • How is Telsis Cloud Contact different to other solutions?

    Unlike competing solutions, Telsis Cloud Contact has options to be deployed within your network environment – such as a private data centre or cloud.  This means that you can own the platform and configure it exactly how you like.  It also allows you to fully integrate the platform into your network, your provisioning systems, and layer your own value add on top of it making it feel like its your service.  You own the platform, you own the service wrap and you own the customer relationships.

  • How can Telsis Cloud Contact help me to differentiate?

    Telsis Cloud Contact is your platform.  You can configure it how you want, and you can add your own service wrap on top of it to offer a bespoke service to your customer which is different to anything your competitors can offer.

  • Does Telsis Cloud Contact integrate with Microsoft Teams?

    Although Telsis Cloud Contact does not integrate with Teams at present, we are excited to be working on an integration with Teams, as well as other UCaaS platforms, as part of our roadmap and are expecting to make upgrades to support Teams available during 2022.

  • Is Telsis Cloud Contact PCI-DSS compliant?

    We are currently working with a number of PCI-DSS payment providers to offer options which allow PCI compliant payments to be processed by the platform.  We expect this to be available during 2022.


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