Acantho, regional Italian operator, is winning the fight against telephone frauds using Telsis Voice Safeguard

Acantho, the Digital Company part of the multi-utility Hera group, has benefited from a reduction in fraud losses in the two years since it deployed Telsis Voice SafeGuard.

Acantho decided in 2016 to move away from its CDR (Call Detail Record) based analysis tool which looked for fraudulent call patterns in calls. The new Telsis solution has further improved the fraud detection capability, Voice SafeGuard differs from the traditional approach, providing real time analysis of call patterns before the call is placed.

Voice SafeGuard detects and blocks multiple fraud events each month, saving thousands of Euros per each event compared to Acantho’s previous solution. Voice SafeGuard protects Acantho 24/7, providing protection during the night and at weekends where staff may not be around to run manual processes.


Emilio Gandolfi, Head of Network Technologies for Acantho commented: “We’re very happy with Voice SafeGuard. It has significantly improved the performance in fraud detection, minimizing the losses associated with International Revenue Share Fraud. The OSP platform will form a key part of our ability to offer our customers new and innovative IT services that can integrate with the power of our network in a more intelligent way than ever before.

Peter Ritzmann, Managing Director of Telsis GmbH commented: “We are pleased to be working with Acantho in the Italian market. Once again, we have demonstrated how Voice SafeGuard reduces the time taken to detect fraud, minimizing fraud losses. Voice SafeGuard protects Acantho’s brand by stopping customer experiencing bills containing fraudulent calls which cause distress and damage reputations. We look forward to working in partnership with Acantho on other projects.”


About Telsis

Telsis provides companies with transformation at speed. The velocity you need to grow your business. Our carrier-grade solutions enrich communications, proactively manage fraud, secure revenues and transform network performance, and streamline metadata content distribution.

Our three pillared approach encompasses Service Management, the Cloud Contact Centre and Content Discovery. Our products are designed and developed in the UK and Germany. We have served 90+ customers in 45 countries and successfully delivered 1,500+ projects in the last 31 years and have a presence in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.


About Acantho

Acantho, the Digital Company part of the Hera Group, has worked for more than fifteen years developing proprietary ultra-broadband fiber optic network. The network services the main cities of the Emilia-Romagna area. Today, the network extends for 4,200 km (2,100 of which on the metropolitan network) and recently reached the provinces of Padua and Trieste, with further expansion on the north-eastern front.

Acantho provides companies and individuals with high-performance connectivity, high reliability, maximum system security, data and service continuity. This is thanks to its Data Centers based in Imola and Milan. Acantho wants to be a company that contributes to building the future, enhancing the territory in which it operates through the innovation and enhancement of the entrepreneurial fabric, making it increasingly competitive through the provision of innovative tools.